Budd (shit_stings) wrote,

It's some kinda shit to have a fever and then to wake up days later on the other side of town. Heard what happened, though. Probably puked more than I have any other time of my life. Or, well, any other time during my sentience.

Mickey, you're the only fucker that got me shit for Christmas. Thanks, man. I'll attempt to save it for a special occasion. I didn't actually shop for Christmas this year, but I got a nice bottle of whiskey if you wanna' consider it late for the holiday.

Oh. And I made a new friend or something. Life's very exciting.

Now... I'm supposed to be caterin' to a 'Lady Sylvia,' is what Charming tells me. Problem is, I ain't seen hide nor hair of any 'Lady Sylvia.' Anybody know who this dame is?
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