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The Only Man He Ever Loved.
Ha ha ha.

Such a fuckin' headache. All of it.

I better not get shit if that whole cellar's cleared out. I never touch that shit. I didn't do and goddamn thing.
11 shots or Bang Bang
What? We gonna' have a pillow fight after this? Most everything else has lasted a couple days this month, so is it Slumber Party Week? Oh boy! That's the kind of shit I've been waiting for!

... Yeah, right.

Sometimes you figure you'd like to be a little young at heart, but this is the kind of shit I'm too old for. Ain't obnoxious enough for dares and don't know enough for truth.

Oh, and congratulations Micky. You guys are getting hilarious with this little rivalry thing.
9 shots or Bang Bang
Well, that's just great.

Hey, you. Charming. You're down one karate kid in the wine cellar. That eliminates one of my previous duties, puts me by my lonesome down here. I got no idea how you wanna' run things or even what the fuck you're doing, so maybe we oughta' figure it out before I gotta' give up on this and move on to some Underground shithole. I like what I been doing, thank you very much.

Fuckin' kid. Fuckin' Nick. Man...

Oh, and this tournament shit? Fucking ridiculous. Some of you bastards really know how to overdo it, huh?
10 shots or Bang Bang
Now I've been an out-and-out liar, and that's the truth. I can save it for when I need it, though, and y'all handed over some fair warning. Just another thing long-neck bottles are good for, huh, long noses?

Oh, oh, ooh. But I might've picked up on something interesting, the past couple of days. Let's see how long it takes you this time, huh?
14 shots or Bang Bang
Aw, damn. That's nasty.

I know what I done. I acknowledge that shit easy enough. Hell, it was my job. I profited off of killing people. Now, though? Damn if I ain't just got a new boss before a curse's gonna' stop me from going to work.

All I'm saying is that there's gotta' be a better way to illustrate that, ethically speaking, I done fucked up.
38 shots or Bang Bang
Tell you what. Thinking about it? That whole puddle of whining thing was probably the easiest to avoid curse ever. Just don't step in a freakin' puddle, and that's it. Easy as pie.

And yet some of you out there couldn't manage that much. Good job. Y'all make me feel a bit better about my chances of survival, and I'm dead as a fuckin' doornail.
36 shots or Bang Bang
You know, this had the potential to be real fuckin' annoying.

Now, I think we can make a pretty good bet on it. So... If I were to say something along the lines of, "Hey, motherfuckers! How about a betting pool that goes to the dope with the highest tiny-body count at 11:30pm. Let's say it starts at 8:30pm." What would anybody say to that?

I think it'd be fun, anyway. Either way, I'mma make the best outta' this shit.

Keep your mouths closed, kiddies.

[[ooc EDIT: Also, brb going out for a while. Tags will be late. Sorry, sorry, loveydovies.]]
10 shots or Bang Bang
20 shots or Bang Bang
Creative Ways to Kill A Motherfucker
- Tie him down and amputate limbs
- Keep him on a dog chain in the middle of the desert
- Drop him out of a helicopter
- Shoot up a wedding
- Feed him to something
- Bury him alive
- Forceful overdose

Preferred Qualities in a Woman
- Not a retarded cunt
- Doesn't give a shit about meeting your parents
- Sense of humor (both normal and/or twisted)
- Won't sleep with your brother
- Athletic
- Can take care of her own damn shit
- Won't make good on death threats
- Ain't any fake shit
- Good taste (music, films, cars, whatever)

A Few Things Everybody Need to Do
- Shut
- The
- Fuck
- Up
35 shots or Bang Bang
This's-- [gigglesnort] I didn't-- Heheh. Didn't do it, this time. [laughter] Wasn't me, Nicky!

[A longer, harsher bout of laughter. Banging around can be heard.]

This's-- I need'a-- FUUUCK!
13 shots or Bang Bang