Budd (shit_stings) wrote,

Never was a big fan of pageant queens. Always wondered if they actually thought they could do shit for anybody, for the good of the world. I'd say anybody would think those speeches are a load of horse shit, but beauty girls are usually a whole new level of vacuous. Ain't none of 'em got real cans, neither.

Anyhow, there ain't much about any world that deserves to be saved, I'll bet ya. Sure, there're some real nice, natural wonders, but the people... People suck, man. If they don't suck at first, they'll most likely end up suckin'.

Besides, everything just absolutely thrives on chaos. Fuck peace. You'd all get fuckin' bored outta your mind if peace came by and sat its fat ass down. S'true.

Bah. End of the month. End of January. How're them resolutions holdin' up?
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